Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Human Jobs

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Artificial Intelligence is often labeled a disruptive technology, and there’s no doubt that it poses serious threats to human jobs. Risk is everywhere and it will become more not less over the next five years. It’s important to see the future as neutrally as possible and not get overly pessimistic or optimistic. When AI comes up in conversations you’ll be able to voice your opinions about where we stand currently and where we might be headed in the coming years.

History of new technologies taking over jobs

Are new technologies to blame for recent unemployment figures? This is a question that has been hotly debated, and one that is extremely important to answer. Let’s look at the argument against artificial intelligence but also futurists that believe AI will create more jobs than it destroys.

Have you noticed how some technologies make our lives easier, while others make us feel threatened? What do you think about self-driving cars for instance? Will they replace your job or will the way we consume goods/services change, making your job more efficient?

Where jobs are most in jeopardy of being taken away by AI

Despite the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) has existed in some form for decades, we’re really only starting to see it have a major impact on the workforce. Not only in how we work but also in how technology is being used to replace humans in the workplace. That includes things like chatbots, automated customer service, self-driving vehicles, and more. And it’s not just blue-collar jobs that are disappearing. As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated and advanced, even white-collar professions are at risk of becoming obsolete.

Best ways to prepare for the future with AI

Preparing for the Future with Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive guide covering all the essential topics of AI which will help you to understand how this promising field is shaping up in 2019 and beyond. The technology is fascinating, applications of AI are endless, but what’s even more fascinating is that every other leading industry is experiencing unprecedented growth due to its integration with AI.

Earlier this year, a report written by Ian Forrester came out titled Humans Need Not Apply. It discusses in detail the impact AI will have on the job market. The report highlights estimates from Oxford University of how many jobs are at risk and potential causalities. The challenge is that the number of jobs at risk is in large part due to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Although the studies don’t say exactly what those jobs are, we do know that many jobs will be at stake.


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