Heartbeat: Build and manage active online communities from your own domain

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It takes more than going viral on Twitter to create an engaged digital community. (“I’m going to make a lot of friends… and enemies with this scorching take on Euphoria.”)

Your community need interaction, virtual meetings, and resource sharing, but switching between multiple systems causes more confusion than connection.

Looking for a single platform that has all of the tools you’ll need to create an active online community from your own domain?

You may construct and grow an online community based on real-time interactions with Heartbeat.

The user-friendly dashboard displays a list of groups and threads, making it simple to create dedicated channels for group discussions or direct messages.

To keep ongoing chats interesting, you may also use the GIF collection, emoji reactions, and typing indicators.

With shared documents and live events, you’ll be able to scale up your interactions.

You can arrange your event, share invitations, and send reminders with only a few clicks using the events features.

You can also connect your Google or Outlook calendar to have events display on users’ calendars directly.

Use shareable papers, embedded live videos, and slide presentations to keep everyone in your community informed.

Within your wider community, Heartbeat allows you to build groups based on interest, region, or specialty to stimulate more peer contact.

You can then create channels, documents, and events that are directly linked to those groups.

You may also manage new member access so they can begin interacting with your community straight away.

Heartbeat also features a plethora of integrations to keep your tools and communities connected.

Charge for memberships, create paid groups, or even sell event tickets using Stripe.

Best of all, you can link Heartbeat to thousands more products via Zapier, including Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce.

Piecing together community-building tools should be as easy as making a Pop-Tart. (“Step 1: Put in toaster or don’t. Step 2: Done.”)

Heartbeat lets you create engaging groups, share documents, and host live events, so you can build an awesome online space.

Let’s bring your community together.

Get lifetime access to Heartbeat today!

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